Wisconsin Counties

Thank you so very much for the beautiful Stained Glass County Map of Wisconsin that you presented to me in my Office.  It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing the work of art.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

At the Pylon Break – RENO!

You did a really nice job.  I especially like the details you made to the cockpit – the mirror is a special touch.

Larry L.

Naval Aviators Wings — at winging ceremony

Thank you for the lovely stained glass wings.  Our son is delighted.  Such a unique gift to commemorate a very special accomplishment

Jeff S.

Cessna Cardinal

Thank you for helping me create something special for my husband!  He loves it!!

Svetlana S.

FedEx Boeing 757 w/ Rolls-Royce Engines

Wow! Fantastic.  Looks like a real grabber.  When I had family over for Thanksgiving, they said the blue background really glowed.  Then, later, when the sunlight changed, they said the blue looked even richer than before.

Matt F.

Thank you for putting that big grin on my brother’s face! You came thru in record time (two weeks) and created an outstanding work of art that will be cherished for years to come!

Teri H-A.

The stained glass window of our Navion still hangs in our kitchen window, where we see it every morning when the sun shines through.  We are so very proud of your work of art.

Oce D.

Globe Swift

The Swift looks wonderful on the wall, there is a light behind that illuminates it.  (It) just finished off the bar perfectly!

Troy H.

Layman’s Hangar

Everyone loves it!  Pix will follow when installed in the bar.

Trent L.

N2555T aka “Big Bird”

Susan just presented me with the most wonderful gift I ever received.  Your stained glass rendition of N2555T, aka “Big Bird”.  It takes my breath away.  Not only because of the gift but your talent to reproduce it.  Flying and the Navion are a big part of our life.  This gift makes it sooo special.

F-15C – Desert Moon

Just received the beautiful art !!!!!  Thank you for the perfect piece of art !!!!!

Scott H.

Pool Table Lamp – PBM Mariner

The stained glass for the pool table lamp is awesome!  I held the PBM to the light and it is an excellent rendition of Dad’s plane.  The Corsair has the effect I wanted.  My son likes the (sand-etched) “Flaherty’s Pool Hall,” so everyone is happy.  Thanks for the great job.

Pat F.

“Going Home” Unveiling

Just a quick note to share that my aunt was absolutely thrilled with the photo and asked me to thank you.  My brother . . . he, too, said many thanks.  He was very interested int he in-depth studies you did with the colors.  I had mentioned to him that you took this project on with complete devotion and internalized the (project).

Rose-Harms A/L post, from Suzanne E.

Cessna 172SP

Every time someone visits my house, they always ask where I got my stained glass airplane art!

Erin S.

Chris E.

Pulsar – Florida

Arrived safe and sound.  Great job!” Her — “He can’t take his eyes off of it

Bill C.

Gulfstream IV

He opened the box this morning and couldn’t wait to call and tell me how great the plane looks.

K-Services, Inc.

Mission of Love

We were excited to see how Mr. Elshoff captured in glass this special moment for us.  It really is quite impressive.

Jeff McClean

Beechcraft 35

It literally took my breath away.  I really don’t know how to  express my gratitude.  There aren’t enough adjectives in the world  for me to describe how thrilled I am.  Thank you so very much.

Amy C.


My husband thought it was just gorgeous and can’t wait to hang it up. He also commented on how talented you are – you really captured the Lake beautifully! From the bottom of our hearts, Gary, we thank you.

We have gotten so many comments on our new window! We admire it and constantly remark how talented you are!

Germaine C.

When the light comes through it is amazing how the green color changes making it look more like a desert.

Carolyn M.

FedEx MD-11 Alaska

It looks beautiful!! I love the color and texture you used in the piece, the pictures you sent simply didn’t do it justice.

Chuck S.

As I expected, beautiful, thank you for spending all the time making it that way.

Dennis H.

Cessna 172SP

WOW!  Absolutely stunning.  I was shocked!  I knew it would look good, but I wasn’t expecting it to be that nice.

Erin S.

Piper PA3200

It is beautiful and (he) was very happy with it.  You did an amazing job, and we are grateful.

Jenny B.

Mitsubishi MU-2

It looks great!  Thanks so much!  Everyone that has seen it loves it.

Julie K.

WE LOVE IT !!!!!!!! It came out great.

Eric N.

Everything… is completely as I had hoped.

Cyndy S.

Commander 500  –  J8-PUG

A huge thank you for the fabulous stained-glass panel that you created for Mustique Airways. It is proudly displayed in the entrance to our corporate offices; everyone admires your beautiful work. We are all extremely happy with your detailed and skilled work on J8-PUG’s panel. Thanks for sharing that image, I would say that you knocked it over the fence here, you captured that plane which has become a favorite for the folks that Jonathan flies around the Caribbean!

Jonathan P.

Beech Baron 58

Yesterday the sky over the lake had a mottled blue appearance—looked exactly like the sky in our plane window. VERY nice job.

Bill W.

FedEx B777

It’s just what we wanted.  Looks great!

Kelly B.

Navy Wings – very large format

Thank you for all your work, patience, and understanding for our project.

Annette W.


I would like to thank you for your magnanimous generous gift! It is very obvious that a great deal of thought and skill was put into making the outstanding glass work. I will take it to my Marine Corps meeting and share it with my brother Marines.

Steve S.

Hello Gary. Thanks for sharing your lovely and inspiring art again with us. If man in the image of God is also a creator of sorts, you certainly affirm that concept. “New creature in Christ,” keep up the good work.

John S.

FedEx MD-11

Thank you for the art surprise: FedEx MD-11 over my Rocky Mountains.  I plan to build a light box for it, so that it’s nicely back-lit night & day.

Jim R.

VFA-25, “Fist of the Fleet”

Thank you so much for the picture of the VFA-25 Hornet stained glass you made for me. It is proudly hanging in my office in Hangar One at NAS Meridian. Thanks also for the Iraq and Afghanistan ribbons. They will hang below the Hornet.

Dave L.

Vagabond with Friends, Emma and Hiawatha”

“Emma” has found a new home.  Wow!

Kathy R.

Corporate Pilot Retirement Gift

Wonderful work!  We all love it! Thanks so much.  I am sure Dale is going to love it, too.

Kellogg Co.

L-39 Camo

We received the shipment yesterday, and it is just beautiful, exactly what we had in mind!  We will be sure to steer folks your way if anyone ever asks us if we know someone who does stained glass!

Judy G.

Stinson 108-3

I still get comments about the 1/2 round window, but then it’s only been in place since Thanksgiving. A guy who walks by daily hadn’t noticed till last night when the interior lights were glowing.

Paul N.

Here’s a picture of the Cherokee window for your new gallery.  It looks beautiful in our office, and we’ve received many compliments on the design, colors, and realistic details.

Mary Alice H.

All I want for Christmas is…

Here’s a picture of the Cherokee window for your new gallery.  It looks beautiful in our office, and we’ve received many compliments on the design, colors, and realistic details.

Gail I.


Here’s a picture of the Cherokee window for your new gallery.  It looks beautiful in our office, and we’ve received many compliments on the design, colors, and realistic details.

Elizabeth F.

Pitts S2-C

It really lights up in the daylight . . .  very vibrant looking and quite beautiful.

David B.

Martha’s Perfect Heaven

It is just… Perfect!

Martha L.

At St. Louis University

Thank you for the beautiful window you made for our son.  It is a beautiful expression of his 4-year experience at St. Louis University. Everything you said is exactly how it turned out.  It is Gorgeous!  The final product is perfect.

Veronica Z.

USO was there, too!

I can’t thank you enough.

Amer. Freedom Center

It truly was a special piece of art.

Neil B.

G – Rockwell 114 Commander

The window arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL!!  You were right — it’s even better in person than it is in the picture. He will be thrilled with it.

He absolutely loved it and he was shocked that I had pulled it off without him knowing.  He could not believe how pretty it was and how much it looked like the actual plane.

Betty M.

It is beautiful! The colors are gorgeous. “Flying Colors Glass can take old pictures and capture your memories of your aircraft in beautiful colors that draw the eye when the sun catches them.”

McFarlane Av.

You did a great job on following my instructions and I appreciate that very much.

Dave T.

He — The doors are truly outstanding. She — They look WONDERFUL.  Isn’t it amazing.

Dick C.

Rocky Mountain Short Final

The first of what I believe will be many uses of YOUR window image for the next year.  It will be my new ‘signature’ work.

Gary W.

Piper Cub

Gary, I don’t know where to begin. The glass arrived yesterday and I’m in awe of your work. It turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to see the look on my father’s face on Christmas. I rushed to the phone to let everyone know how great it turned out. Thank you so much for working everything out so this could happen.

John M.

S-3 Viking VS-24

We love it. It is very beautiful and quite accurate…

Karen V.

Mr. Elshoff’s skill, professionalism, and knowledge in stain glass is matched by none.

Judith R.