Military Ribbons

FLYING COLORS GLASS, LLC is making available on a limited basis an opportunity for you to make a gift to yourself or a person you designate, either anonymously or directly, as a special tribute to honor one’s Military Service with a specially-designed Stained Glass, brass-framed version of a Service Ribbon or Award. The artwork is approximately 3 ½” x 14”.

Designation – The artwork will include a Certificate of Authenticity. If you decide to send the artwork to another person, the product will include a message specifying you as the donor of the work (or anonymous, as you choose), acknowledging the person’s service and your desire to honor their contributions.

Select design from stock items (or specify custom design). Available versions include:

  • Korean War Service
  • Vietnam War Service
  • Iraq War Service
  • Afghanistan War Service
  • Panama Service
  • Purple Heart
  • Bronze Star
  • Navy Cross

Cost is $75.00 + $13.60 shipping.

Custom Designs are available for specific award for valor or service. Prices may vary. Full arrays/racks are available as special orders. Please contact Gary for a custom quote.

Once you purchase your ribbon via PayPal, you will be redirected to this site to provide delivery information.

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Korean Service Ribbon Stained Glass

Vietnam Service Ribbon - Stained Glass

Iraq Service Ribbon

Afghanistan Service Ribbon - Stained Glass

Panama Service Ribbon - Stained Glass

Purple Heart Service Ribbon

Bronze Star Service Ribbon - Stained Glass

Navy Cross Service Ribbon

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